Hello everyone!

I am Darshna, a baking enthusiast. Welcome to my Blog! 🙂

Baking and decorating cakes is my newfound love which I discovered in late 2016. It all started with my first cake, which I made from a cake mix, baked in a microwave, even without a proper cake tin. Duh! I knew nothing about cakes then, except how to relish it. As expected, it was a failure. However, in spite of a bad texture (hard on the outside and crumbly inside), it tasted Okay! It was a Betty Crocker mix after all. Couldn’t go wrong on the taste. The best part, my little baby girl enjoyed the crumbly bits. It is always a joy to watch your kid relish the food you’ve made, isn’t it?! I wanted to make yummy treats for her and was determined to bake a better cake next time. That’s how I started following a lot of cake blogs and channels on YouTube, trying out recipes, sometimes happy with the outcome and sometimes not. My husband is my greatest and most honest critic. He always pushed me to try different things, rather try things differently. I was battling with myself to come up with yummiest of cakes. In a struggle to get better, I was slowly and steadily improving each time. Trust me, it is a never ending learning process, and that’s what keeps me going. Baking is like therapy to me. 🙂

Even though my passion for cakes is relatively new, my association with it has been since birth. Yes! My dad was a baker. We always had cakes and treats for Birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasions, coming straight from our bakery. I miss the taste of those lovely cakes my father used to bake for us with love. I strongly believe, it is my beloved father in heaven who is motivating me to follow my passion.

To keep my passion alive, I’ve decided to share recipes and tips through this blog. I will be sharing tried and tested recipes and the tips I’ve learned on baking and decorating cakes.

Enjoy reading! 🙂